Sebastian Świerk – founder and owner of Enduro-Tech:  

As a child I was told that motorcycles are evil and a mortal danger. When my friends got scooters and mopeds for their First Communion I wasn’t even allowed to look at them. But when I was 25 years old, I finally sat on an Enduro motorcycle for the first time and it was love at first ride! After several years of passionate riding and exploring on various motorcycles, Enduro-Tech was born.  

My first motorcycle was hidden in secret from my parents

It was a 1997 Enduro Yamaha 125. After the first 15 minutes of riding (riding is probably saying too much) I absolutely fell in love! There was no way I could resist the temptation; a few months later the bike was mine. At first I kept it in my parent’s garage, in spite of them being huge opponents. I made up a story that the Yamaha was a friend’s of mine who didn’t have a place to keep it and I would only start it up occasionally. That's how it all began and then time quickly flew by: more motorcycles came next, then Hard Enduro competitions and road trips with friends. It was one of these road trips that led to the creation of Enduro-Tech.   

Over the Abyss –  or the impetus for designing motorcycle headlights

It was in 2012 in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains near Transylvania. I went there with a group of 5 friends and from the early morning we rode through the mountains totally carefree and we completely lost track of the time. We went a bit further than we should have and then suddenly it began getting dark. We still had more than 60 kilometers to our base over difficult mountainous terrain. We screwed up big time! We were literally riding blind; not only did the standard Enduro headlights not illuminate anything, the expanse of dust and fog hampered our vision completely. And then there was the fatigue and the whole mass of nerves and emotions. We kept making worse and worse decisions the longer we rode. Several times we had brushes with tragedy. Using only our intuition, we managed to stop just centimeters from a precipice or a cliff several times. After a few arduous hours we miraculously made it back to our base unscathed. And that was exactly the moment I said that something had to be done. Since Enduro motorcycles weren’t equipped with proper headlights, we’d have to create them ourselves.

A product made for myself and sold worldwide

I started work on designing a headlight almost immediately with a friend. Initially we had no intention of starting a company or even selling to friends. We wanted to create headlights strictly for our own use. For half a year we devoted every spare moment to the project; searching for appropriate solutions, scouring for materials and contacting contractors. Finally, we succeeded! We managed to design and produce highly functional headlights for our motorcycles. It was only after some friends of ours started raving about the headlights did it occur to us that maybe we could try to sell them. We then proceeded to produce the first commercial test batch – exactly 13 units. Flash forward a few years and Enduro-tech headlights can now be found on every continent. Our headlights have been sold in every European country, Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan and even such far flung locations as Bhutan, Mongolia and Angola amongst others.  

Enduro-Tech – Made in Poland  

In a matter of just a few years Enduro-Tech went from being a small company in a garage to a globally recognized brand that is included among the largest motorcycle accessory manufacturers in the world. In the few short years of our existence we’ve not only dedicated ourselves to constantly improving our innovative headlights, but we’ve also managed to create new innovative products including motorcycle engine and radiator covers. One thing has remained constant from the very beginning however: we only produce products that we would use ourselves, and the entire production process has to take place in Poland. We don’t make any compromises; we don’t use cheaper materials from China and we don’t look for replacements parts and subcontractors at cost. We are laser-focused on quality, above all.